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Exotic Chips With Multiple Flavors 


Different Types of Exotic Chips. 

Packs of 4, 
Choose one of the Snack Pack Mix 
Choose Random Mix for random of Chips
Or Choose your own - NEED to message us or else we will send random mix. 

These go fast so we might not have all in stock all the time. 
Check out our other Listing for Exotic Cookies and Candy. 

#1 Spicy Lobster, Extra BBQ, Heinz Mayonnaise, Garden Tomato, Pepper Bobo Chicken, 
#2 Lime, Cucumber, Wasabi, American Classic
#3 Italian Red Meat, Mexican Chicken Tomato, Roasted Cummin Lamb Skewer, 
#4 Numb and Spicy Hot Pot, Sesame Sauce Hot Pot, Spicy Hot Pot, Tomato Style Hot Pot, 
#5 Roasted Fish Flavor, Spicy Crayfish, Seaweed, Roasted Garlic Oyster Flavor
#6 Pure Tomato, Baked Chicken Wings, Sizzlin Squid, American Classic Ridges, Pork Belly, Spicy Ridges
#7 Spanish Ham, Spicy Crayfish, Black Truffle, Avocado, Seaweed. 
#8 Chesetos:  Chicken Flavor, Steak Flavor 
#9 Dorittoes: Nacho Cheese , Smoking BBQ, Hot Spicy

Exotic Chips -

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