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Check out Colors Rolling Papers – they're like a rainbow in your hand! Made with soy-based coloring, these papers come in all sorts of vibrant shades and cool designs, complete with foil tips to keep things sturdy. Why stick with boring when you can roll with color? Give Colors Rolling Papers a try and see the difference for yourself! 🌈

Colors-100 Pack Rainbow Pack, Colorful Cones, Preroll Cones
24 Pack Colorful Cones, Colors
Choose from 12, 24, 100 0r 1,000 Cones
Garkits- Cannagar Kits
Glass Tips
Wood Tips
Colorful Cones
Luxe Rolls
Exotic Chips
GlueGar Rolling Glue
Caligars merchandise
GlueGar Rolling Glue, Blunt Glue,
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