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Preroller Central

Glass Tips

"Get ready to elevate your smoking experience with our Glass Tips! With a range of sizes and vibrant colors to choose from, you'll find the perfect match for your vibe. Plus, enjoy smooth draws and maximum flavor at wallet-friendly prices. It's time to add some flair to your smoke sessions!"

Wood Tips

Gar-Tips, get the perfect wood tips for our kits and all your rolling needs. With sizes tailored to fit our kits seamlessly, they ensure an optimal smoking experience every time. Elevate your roll game with Gar-Tips – they're not just for Cannagars, they're for all your smoking adventures.

Wraps, Cones, Papers

Preroller- Wraps, Cones, Papers, Main image.jpg

"Roll up in style with our extensive selection of wraps, cones, and papers – we've got everything you need for your rolling adventures. From classic Raw cones to budget-friendly options and exotic hemp wraps, we've got the variety to suit every preference. Explore our collection and roll your way to satisfaction!"

Tubes, Mylar Bags, Jars

"Got prerolls? We've got the perfect tubes and mylars for 'em! Whether you're storing them or selling 'em, we've got just what you need to keep 'em fresh and protected. Check out our selection and stash your prerolls in style!"

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