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GlueGar-Blunt Glue, Rolling Glue, Kief Glue
GlueGar-Blunt Glue, Rolling Glue, Kief Glue

"Stop Smoking Spit" and Keep your rolls Spit Free with GlueGar! 

Use it also to Add some Kief Just dab a bit on the outside and sprinkle it on or Roll it in.

Ever had that awkward moment when someone's slobbery blunt makes you cringe? GlueGar's got you covered, ensuring your rolls stay snug and saliva-free, whether you're flying solo or chilling with friends. No more loose ends with GlueGar – It Seals Tight and Keeps It Tight till the end!

Squeeze Bottles

Size: 10ml 

Rolling up a classic wood wrap or trying out hemp alternatives? GlueGar's got your back with the 10ml bottles is the perfect amount to keep your rolls tight and secure. 

Go-Stix Brush Pens

Size: 3ml

Ideal for your getaway adventures or for those seeking a clean, smooth finish, GoStix 3ml  is the perfect choice. Whether you're rolling on the go or looking to add some kief, this convenient size has you covered with its Brush Tip. 

Preroller Sizes

Size: 4oz, 1 Liter, 1 Gallon

Whether you're a Pro-Roller, Pre-Roller, or a Canna Connoisseur, we've got you covered. Our range of sizes ensures you always roll spit-free and keep your rolls tight. With our larger sizes, you can rest assured that you've got the Job Covered, No Matter the Occasion.

GlueGar-Blunt Glue, Rolling Glue, Kief Glue

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Learn how to use GlueGar and discover other tips? Check out our tutorial videos by clicking below!

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