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Cigar Glue

Smokable Cigar Glue

If you are looking for a top quality cigar glue made from natural plant products and is safe to use, you should check out the Gluegar product from Caligars. We only sell the best cigar and tobacco glue on the market and ensure that you have a superior smoking experience each and every time without runs or the paper or wrapper coming undone at the seam. If you are tired of smoking the old way and wasting supplies and products, then you need to try our Gluegar products today. Don't forget to browse the extensive selection of other products that we currently have posted to the website. If you are ready for a better smoking experience, you should visit our website and find top quality products that you will love to use regularly.

You can find a safe cigar glue on Caligar's website. We are a leading retailer of top smoking products, including cigar glue. Our glues are made from clean, pure plant products. Our cellulose glue is safe to smoke regularly and is free from harmful chemicals and other products. In addition, our glue holds each roll secure and helps prevent loss of product and wasted supplies from having to reroll. If you haven't tried cigar glue yet, you should give our cigar glue a try today. You will not only be satisfied with our products but will also want to try the other great product we currently have to offer on our website. Please stop by today and see why rolling enthusiasts choose our products over other less effective methods of securing their cigars and other smokables.

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