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Garkits- Cannagar Mold Kits

Upgrade your smoking game effortlessly with our casual yet refined Cannagar Kit, perfect for rolling your own slow-burning, top-quality cannagars. Ditch the store-bought options, save some cash, and enjoy the laid-back luxury of crafting your own premium smoke with our must have kits.


Garkits-Cannagar Kits

come in 5 sizes to suit your smoking needs:

  • Tiny Gar: Holds up to 2 grams 
  • Mini Gar: Can hold up to 4 grams
  • Mid Gar: Holds up to 8 grams
  • Large Gar: Holds up to 14 grams
  • High Gar: Holds up to 1 oz 


  • -Crafted from food-grade safe plastic, ensuring safety and purity in every roll.
  • -Durable and long-lasting construction, designed to withstand repeated use.
  • -Easy to use design makes rolling effortless for both beginners and experienced rollers.
  • -Available in a variety of colors to match your personal style and preferences.


TIP Sizes: 

  • TinyGar: 8.5mm wood tip 
  • MiniGar: 10.5mm or 11mm Wood tip
  • MidGar: 12.5mm Wood Tip
  • LargeGar: 16.5mm Wood Tip
  • HighGar: 22mm Wood Tip 


Accessories include 

  • 2 metal skewers for easy cleaning and longevity compared to wood skewers used by competitors.

                        + Perfectly sized metal skewers provide a smooth draw without the harshness often 
                         associated with larger diameter wood skewers.

  • OG GlueGar, ensuring a secure seal for any wrap type.

                        + OG GlueGar keeps your cannagars fresh and your smoke smooth with its tight seal.
                        + Enjoy a perfectly sealed cannagars every time with OG GlueGar included.

  • 2 alcohol wipes for essential for cleaning your skewer and kit before and after use.

                       + Maintaining cleanliness is key to ensuring a pure and enjoyable smoking experience,                                 which is why it's recommended to clean both the skewer and kit before and after every use.

  • One wood tip according to size of Cannagar. 



Enjoy a slow long lasting session ranging from 30 minutes with the Tiny Gar to over 6 hours with the High Gar, allowing for extended smoking sessions without compromise.

Added Bonus: After Purchase Get a 7% discount on your next purchase of wood tips or GlueGar on our website we will get you a discount code after purchase. 



For any issues or questions, message us before or after your purchase to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We're here to assist you every step of the way and guarantee a seamless experience. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so don't hesitate to reach out – we're always here to help!



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Cannagar Kits- GARKITS V2-

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