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Preroller-Glass Tips


Our Glass Tips come in variety of sizes,colors and shapes, We offer quality hand made glass tips for your rolling needs. 


In this listing we are offering our Regular Glass TIps- 

If you are looking for other sizes or colors please go to our other listings. 


Glass Tip Sizes


8mm x 25mm: This is our smallest Glas Tip. These are great for smaller roolls, Using with Hemp Wraps or Rolling Papers is the best option with this size. 


10mm x 30mm:  The middle child of these Glass Tips. Its perfect for all types of Hemp Wraps, Tobacco Wraps and even Papers. 


12mm x 31mm: The Larger of the 3 and the most used for all Types of Woods, Leaf, Hemp Wraps. Perfect for all your preroller Needs




Glass Tips- Standard

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