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GlueGar- 4oz, 1 Liter, 1 Gallon- Preroller Sizes


As a Seasoned Pro roller or a true Cannabis Aficionado, you get the importance of keeping your blunts or rolls tight and tidy throughout the entire smoke session. Whether you're rolling up for business or just for kicks, it's crucial to keep those prerolls looking fresh and germ-free. That's where GlueGar comes in handy – no fuss, just a solid way to seal the deal and enjoy your smoke sesh hassle-free.


Check out our Preroller sizes, perfect for dedicated prerollers and enthusiasts who love frequent smoking sessions. Buying in bulk not only saves you money but also guarantees you're always stocked up when you need it. Keep your GlueGar fresh and effective by storing it in the fridge, ensuring you're always ready for a seamless smoke.


GlueGar is the preroller's essential tool, guaranteeing clean, tightly sealed rolls and effortless kief application. Perfect for maintaining quality and consistency, it ensures every roll meets the highest standards. Elevate your smoking experience with GlueGar's convenience and reliability and remember.

"Stop Smoking Spit" and "Keep your Rolls Tight" 



Custom Flavor:  We offer a Custom Flavor for added cost

  • 1 week for shipping,
  • if you cancell within 24 hours we will give you full refund.
  • After 24 hours we will charge a $30 cancellation fee because after this time period we have already placed the order for custom flavor from our supplier. 
  • Guaranteed Fresh Made to Order. 



1. Original Flavorless - Non flavor

2. Warped Watermelon

3. Blazzin Berries

4. Baked Vanilla Cake

5. Banana Blitz

6. Pina Coolada

7. Dank Chocolate


GlueGar- 4oz, Liter, Gallon - Preroller Sizes

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