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GlueGar -10ml- Squeeze Bottles


"Stop Smoking Spit" And use Caligars GlueGar to Roll it Tight and Keep it Tight! 



  • Keeps your rolls tightly sealed, ensuring they stay tight throughout your smoking session.
  • Easily sprinkle kief onto your rolls by adding GlueGar to the outside, offering a cost-effective solution.
  • Promotes hygiene when smoking with friends or family by avoiding the unpleasant "smoking spit" situation.
  • Ideal for use with all types of papers, wraps, leaves, including banana leaves, providing versatile application options.
  • Enhances the longevity of your rolls by preventing them from coming undone, even as you approach the end.
  • Offers convenience and peace of mind, ensuring a hassle-free smoking experience every time.
  • Crafted with quality in mind, GlueGar provides a reliable seal without compromising on flavor or quality.



Ever been hanging out with friends, and suddenly someone suggests a smoke sesh? You're in, right? But then, as they start rolling, you watch in horror as they slobber all over the blunt, licking it like there's no tomorrow. Now, you're left wondering where their mouth has been – are their teeth crusty or maybe they've got lipstick smudges you'll end up wearing?


That's where GlueGar comes in clutch! With GlueGar, you can seal your own rolls tight without the saliva horror show. Just a dab, and your blunt stays intact, free from any unwanted surprises. Say goodbye to soggy blunts and hello to a clean, worry-free smoke sesh with GlueGar!



If you're a solo smoker or planning some pre-rolls and need your blunts to stay tight throughout your session, GlueGar has got you covered! No need to fret about them unraveling as you near the end – GlueGar ensures they stay snug from start to finish. With GlueGar, it's all about sealing it tight and keeping it tight!



1. OG Flavorless

2. Warped Watermelon

3. Baked Vanilla Cake

4. Blazzin Berries

5. Banana Blitz

6. Pina Coolada

7. Dank Chocolate

8. Tigers Blood

9. Super Sweet

10. Apple Candy

11. Rainbow Sherbet

12. Peaches & Cream

13. Russian Cream

14. Caramel Cream

15. Orange Creamcicle


GlueGar- Squeeze Bottles- 10ml

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